Welcome to CoachSerg! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Originally I am from Ukraine, my family moved to the United States of America for a greater opportunity that it has to offer, and I couldn’t be happier! Moreover, I have always loved Training and thereby empowering others. This passion has led me into strength and conditioning which I enjoy more than anything. Furthermore, my journey starts at the University of Northern Colorado. During my senior year of college I interned at UNCO for strength and conditioning department where I worked directly with Football, M/W Basketball, Softball, and Soccer while improving overall performance qualities of each team while reducing injuries with other responsibilities along the way. After I completed my stint at UNCO, I received an opportunity to work at the University of Colorado where I assisted with the development of periodized programming for M/W Basketball, M/W Golf and Volleyball. I administered a variety of training sessions including accommodated resistance and velocity-based training. Thereafter, I received an opportunity to be a graduate assistant at Wayne State College. There I created and implemented year-round programs for athletic development of Football, Softball M/W Basketball, in addition to assisting with the development of Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, and Cross Country. After my graduation from Wayne State College, I had the privilege of going back to the University of Colorado where I had the honor working with a nationally ranked basketball team. My experience and first-hand knowledge have directly impacted the development of multiple All-Americans as well as Conference Champions. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you with your inquire. Thanks again and stay strong! 


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